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California Medieval Times Performers Win Their Union


CONTACT: Medieval Times Performers United California Organizing Committee,

Buena Park, Calif., November 3, 2022 - In a 27 to 18 vote, the show cast, knights and squires, and stable hands at the Buena Park Medieval Times castle voted to join the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA). This important step to ensure a fairer and safer work environment, with appropriate living wages.

AGVA released the following statement:

"By bringing the Performers and Stable Hands at Medieval Times, Buena Park, CA to the 'table,' we will collaboratively negotiate a fair Collective Bargaining Agreement which ensures that wages are commensurate with skills, improves safety protocols (and enforces them) and brings about a respectful working environment. The American Guild of Variety Artists looks forward to a cooperative relationship with Medieval Times management, knowing that fostering this kind of culture will enhance the Medieval Times experience not only for those in the show, but also for the many guests who flock to enjoy it."

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Performers at Medieval Times in California have been on strike since February in protest of management's anti-union and anti-worker behavior. Donate here, if you can support them.

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