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AGVA Members' Union Contract Gains

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

AGVA members at Disneyland, Radio City Music Hall, and Universal Studios Hollywood have used their collective power to improve their pay, benefits, and working conditions.


  • AGVA members at Disneyland secured annual 3% pay increases during the five-year term of their current collective bargaining agreement (also referred to as a union contract).

  • The Radio City Rockettes, all of whom are AGVA members, are receiving annual pay increases of 3.75% and 3.25% under their current collective bargaining agreement.

  • AGVA members at Universal Studios Hollywood are receiving 3% annual wage increases under their latest collective bargaining agreement, and the wage rates for those working on the Special Effects Show represent a 5% increase from their last rate.


  • AGVA members at Disneyland have the option to participate in their employer’s health and welfare plan or AGVA’s Welfare Trust Fund plan.

  • AGVA members at Universal Studios Hollywood are eligible for their employer to match their 401(k) contributions up to 3.5% of their annual earnings.

  • AGVA members at Universal Studios Hollywood are eligible for employer provided medical, dental, and vision benefits as well as life insurance with 90% of the premium cost covered by their employer after six months of employment.

  • AGVA members with the Radio City Rockettes are entitled to over $1500 to reimburse for dance classes, voice classes, acting classes, technique classes, yoga classes, gym memberships, and therapies for injury prevention.

Paid time off

  • AGVA members at Universal Studios Hollywood received two weeks of paid vacation after one year of employment, which increases to three weeks after five years of employment, and to four weeks after 10 years of employment, while also accruing sick leave.

  • At Radio City, AGVA members accrue personal/sick time at the rate of approximately one day per month. Vacation pay is accrued at the rate of either 11.5% of straight time base pay, or one week for every 11 weeks worked, depending on the particular collective bargaining agreement under which the member is working.

  • AGVA members at Disneyland employed for one to four years receive two weeks of paid vacation, those employed for five to 14 years receive three weeks of paid vacation, those employed for 15 to 19 years receive four weeks of paid vacation, and those employed for 20 years or more receive five weeks for paid vacation.


  • Universal Studios Hollywood employees who are AGVA members have a crowd control provision in their union contract that requires Universal Studios Hollywood to take steps to make sure employees are safe while they are performing, including by removing guests.

  • AGVA members’ contract at Universal Studios Hollywood also provides for a safety committee made up of representatives from the union and management that meets at least one hour per month.


  • AGVA members at Disneyland must be given two weeks notice of employer changes to the regular workweek schedule.

Due Process

  • AGVA members have “just cause” clauses in their union contracts, which means employees cannot be disciplined or dismissed without a just and fair reason.

  • Through their union contracts, AGVA members have due process protections. Employees must be notified of supposed wrongdoing, given an opportunity to respond to allegations made against them, provided the opportunity to have a union representative in disciplinary meetings, and have the ability to grieve any violation of their union contract, including failure to abide by the progressive discipline process.

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