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Medieval Times Performers United

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Medieval Times actors, stunt performers, and stable hands are joining together in union.
Represented by the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA). 

Medieval Times Performers United members are on strike in California due to Medieval Times management's anti-union and anti-worker behavior. 

Donate here to support Medieval Times showcast, knights and squires, and stable hands on strike. 

Who We Are:


We are the actors, stunt performers, and stable hands of the knights and squires, showcast, and stable departments at Medieval Times. We are joining together in union with the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) to create a fairer, safer, and more enjoyable workplace at Medieval Times castles across the country. 


Why We Are Organizing:


As actors, stunt performers, and stable hands at Medieval Times, we entertain and educate the guests of our castle. By joining together in union, we aim to create a better workplace at Medieval Times by:


Fostering a respectful work environment. We want our hard work and talent to be recognized and respected by management at all levels. United, we will gain a voice in decisions and the ability to negotiate for improvements, including a fair return on our work and sustainable hours that respect our work and home responsibilities. 


Addressing safety concerns. With our collective voice, we will work with management to develop and enforce security protocols that keep ourselves, our horses, and our guests safe.


Developing equitable pay scales and opportunities for advancement. We are committed to collaborating with management to create pathways for promotions with pay increases that recognize our accomplishments. To ensure we all earn a fair return on our work, we aim to work with management to bring our compensation more in line with those in similar roles within our industry, which includes guaranteed regular wage increases.

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